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Spring 2023 Advising Newsletter

Registration for the Spring 2023 semester will begin on Tuesday, November 1, 2022 and runs through Friday, November 11, 2022. Please be sure to check your PAWS account to determine when you are eligible to register.


2020 marked the 50th anniversary of African American Studies (AAS) at TCNJ.  This history is remarkable for a number of reasons, but specifically because the first Black Studies program at a traditionally white serving institution was founded at San Francisco State University in 1968, and in 1969 Black Studies was proposed at TCNJ. A quick search of the Signal archives shows that at a December 1969 meeting TCNJ’s Faculty Senate approved a consideration of both a “black room…open to all members of the  campus community who are interested in developing their awareness of the black experience” and a minor in Black studies (Signal 12/11/1969). By October 21, 1970, over 40 Black students marched to Green Hall, demanding their choice for director of Black Studies be hired (Signal 10/22/1970). This history demonstrates that TCNJ was present and participatory at the start of the Black Studies movement.

We are having a Gala to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of African American Studies in March. And as our majors and minors, you are all invited. Please save the date: March 3 and 4th. We will confirm the date in November. Please look for the official Save the Date.


Winter 2023 Course List

Class Title Instruction Mode Instructor Class Nbr Liberal Learning
AAS 179 (crosslisted with HIS 179) AFRICAN AMERICAN HISTORY-1865 fully asynchronous online Fisher,Christopher 20082 Race & Ethnicity; Social Change in Historical Perspective
AAS 240 (crosslisted with MUS 245) HISTORY OF JAZZ fully asynchronous online Fienberg,Gary 20011 Race & Ethnicity; Literary, Visual, and Performing Arts
AAS 252 (crosslisted with WGS 252) GENDER, RACE & CULTURAL PRODUCTION fully asynchronous online Adair,Zakiya 20044 Race & Ethnicity; Gender
AAS 353 (crosslisted with CRI 352) ADV. CRIMINOLOGY RACE & CRIME fully asynchronous online Mitchell,Michael 20022 Race & Ethnicity; BSCP

Spring 2023 Course List

Course Title Days Time Room Instructor Class Nbr Liberal Learning
AAS 150 01 (crosslisted with WGS 150-01) INTRODUCTION TO SOCIAL JUSTICE Tues - Fri 11:00am - 12:20pm SOCI 223 Mitchell,Michael 41980 Race & Ethnicity; Gender
AAS 150-02 (crosslisted with WGS 150-02) INTRODUCTION TO SOCIAL JUSTICE Tues - Fri 3:30 - 4:50pm SOCI 323 Mitchell,Michael 41981 Race & Ethnicity; Gender
AAS 240 (crosslisted with MUS 245) HISTORY OF JAZZ Mon - Thurs 9:30 - 10:50am MUSI 027 Fienberg, Gary 42623 Race & Ethnicity; Literary, Visual, and Performing Arts
AAS 270-01 (crosslisted with POL 270-01) POLITICS OF THE CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT Tues - Fri 9:30 - 10:50am SOCI 223 Burkey,Maxwell 41983 Race & Ethnicity; BSCP
AAS 270-02 (crosslisted with POL 270-02) POLITICS OF THE CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT Tues - Fri 3:30 - 4:50pm SOCI 223 Burkey,Maxwell 41984 Race & Ethnicity; BSCP
AAS 281-01 (crosslisted with SOC 281-01) SOCIOLOGY OF RACE IN THE U.S. Mon - Thurs 9:30 - 10:50am SOCI 321 Brown-Glaude,Winnifred 41988 Race & Ethnicity; BSCP
AAS 281-02 (crosslisted with SOC 281-02) SOCIOLOGY OF RACE IN THE U.S. Mon - Thurs 11:00am - 12:20pm SOCI 321 Brown-Glaude,Winnifred 41989 Race & Ethnicity; BSCP
AAS 282-01 (crosslisted with HIS 190-01) U.S RACE RELATIONS Tues - Fri 9:30 - 10:50am SOCI 228 Fisher,Christopher 41976 Race & Ethnicity; Social Change in Historical Perspective
AAS 282-02 (crosslisted with HIS 190-02) U.S RACE RELATIONS Tues - Fri 11:00am - 12:20pm SOCI 228 Fisher,Christopher 41977 Race & Ethnicity; Social Change in Historical Perspective
AAS 321 (crosslisted with JPW 321) RACE, GENDER, AND THE NEWS Tues - Fri 9:30 - 10:50am AIMM 125 Pearson,Kim 42427 Race & Ethnicity; Gender
AAS 371 (crosslisted with LIT 371) LITERATURE OF AFRICAN AMERICAN CHILDHOOD Mon - Thurs 12:30 - 1:50pm BLIS 153 Abdur-Rahman,Samira 41998 Race & Ethnicity; Literary, Visual, and Performing Arts
AAS 376-01 (crosslisted with HIS 376-01 and WGS 361-01) AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMEN'S HISTORY Mon - Thurs 12:30 - 1:50pm BLIS 233 Francis,Leigh-Anne 41978 Race & Ethnicity; Gender; Social Change in Historical Perspective
AAS 376-02 (crosslisted with HIS 376-02 and WGS 361-02) AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMEN'S HISTORY Thursdays 3:30 - 6:20pm BLIS 234 Francis,Leigh-Anne 41979 Race & Ethnicity; Gender; Social Change in Historical Perspective
AAS 378-01 (crosslisted with LIT 378-01) AFRICAN AMER LIT, 1920-1980 Tues - Fri 9:30 - 10:50am BLIS 235 Peart, Lindey 41986 Race & Ethnicity; Literary, Visual, and Performing Arts
AAS 378-02 (crosslisted with LIT 378-02) AFRICAN AMER LIT, 1920-1980 Tues - Fri 11:00am - 12:20pm BLIS 235 Peart, Lindey 41987 Race & Ethnicity; Literary, Visual, and Performing Arts

Spring 2023 Topics in African American Studies

Along with the African American electives being offered this semester, please consider our topics courses which give students and faculty the chance to focus on a topic that is not currently in the regular curriculum. Please note that you may register for more than one topics class and if you have already taken AAS  170-270-370-371 with a different topic, you may again register for AAS 170-270-370-371. For Spring 2023, we offer the following topics course: 

AAS 270-01 and 270-02: Politics of the Civil Rights Movement (crosslisted with POL 270-01 and 02)

Prof. Max Burkey – Mon/Thurs 9:30am – 10:50am (01) and 3:30pm – 4:50pm (02)

Politics of the Civil Rights Movement examines different iterations of civil rights protest in American Politics. Beginning with the Black Freedom Struggle, we will analyze the connective tissue between social movements, exploring how the quest for racial justice has often demanded and inspired activism on other fronts. Students will explore primary texts that speak to the meaning and underlying humanism of resistance politics.

AAS 371: Literature of African American Childhood (crosslisted with LIT 371)

Prof. Samira Abdur-Rahman – Mon/Thurs 12:30pm – 1:50pm

This course engages children’s literature, life writing, fiction, film, and music to identify how the changing socio-political meaning of childhood impacts narratives of African American young people. The course explores questions of children’s rights and subjectivities through the lens of Black Studies, literary studies, and childhood studies in the humanities.

Spring 2023 Course Descriptions

AAS 150 / Introduction to Social Justice

This introductory course examines how racism, classism, sexism, ableism and other patterns of inequality intersect, and thus create barriers to the realization of a more equal and just society. The course will begin with a theoretical examination of what we mean by justice, social justice and why these matter. Students will then examine the social constructions of gender, race, and sexuality and how they are shaped by particular contexts, times, and places. Using an intersectional framework, the course will then examine pressing current social justice issues such as poverty, race and incarceration, immigration, etc. and how the intersectionality of social identities and forces amplify the impact of these issues on oppressed populations. Students will examine strategies to create change, including organizing, campaigns, and advocacy. Crosslisted with WGS 150.

AAS 240 / History of Jazz

An introduction to jazz music through an examination of its content, history and cultural legacy. The course begins with the emergence of jazz out of early African-American musical forms, and considers the profound connection between the African-American experience and the development of jazz. It is an examination of how jazz evolved through artistic and technological innovations as well as through cultural, commercial and political forces. The course engages students in critical listening and research-based writing skills. Crosslisted with MUS 245.

AAS 270 / Topics in African American Studies

This course will be offered as a lecture/discussion course. Topics in African American Studies focuses on a different topic with each offering. May be repeated as topic changes.

AAS 281 / Sociology of Race in the US

A broad sociological study of race in the dynamics of the American power, privilege, and oppression. The course argues race, as a concept and social phenomenon, if fluid, malleable, and socially constructed and those characteristics have made it a persistent and useful feature in the US historical development. Crosslisted with SOC 281.

AAS 282 / History of Race Relations in the US

A socio-historical examination of race as a category in the United States. The course approaches the United States as a multiracial society and discusses how the various racial groups negotiate their differences politically, economically, intellectually, socially, and culturally. Crosslisted with HIS 190.

AAS 321 / Race, Gender, and the News

Through interactive discussion, case study analysis, ongoing research, and “old-fashioned reporting,” this class explores the role and influence of the news media as it covers stories related to race, gender, and religion. Crosslisted with JPW 321.

AAS 371 / Topics in African American Literature

This course promotes intensive study in the field of African-American literature through focused inquiry into particular themes, genres, time periods, or movements in the field. As a topics course, its content will vary from semester to semester and from instructor to instructor. Crosslisted with LIT 371.

AAS 376 / African American Women’s History

A study of the experience of African American women in the United States, from both historical and contemporary perspectives.  Through a survey of critical time periods, key social institutions, and crystallizing experiences, the course will explicate the role of African American women in shaping present American society.  Readings, lectures, discussions, recordings, and movies will be used to present a comprehensive and cohesive understanding of African American women. Crosslisted with HIS 376 and WGS 361.

AAS 378 / African American Literature 1920-1980

A study of literature in the African American tradition, focusing on the realist and naturalist writings of this period, as well as the prose, poetry, essays and speeches of the Harlem Renaissance and Black Arts Movement.  We will interrogate how the social matrices of competing definitions of black identity are reflected in and through writing produced by African Americans, while we trouble notions of authenticity, representation, and essentialism. The course will also explore the canon of African American Literature, its literary traditions, and the intersections with and diversions from the canon of American Letters. Crosslisted with LIT 378.