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The AFAM Salon: Election Crisis in Senegal

Moderated by Drs. Moussa Sow and Marla Jaksch, Departments of African American Studies and World Languages and Cultures, The College of New Jersey

Abdoulaye Wade
Senegal's president Abdoulaye Wade has incited protests by standing for a third term. By Roosewelt Pinheiro/ via Wikimedia Commons

This online chat took place about the election crisis in Senegal took place Feb. 25, 2012 from 11 am-noon EST. It was moderated by TCNJ professors Dr. Moussa Sow and Dr. Marla Jaksch. Enjoy the archived chat and add your comments below.

Senegal, long considered one of Africa’s most stable democracies has been rocked by protests against the effort of 85-year-old incumbent Abdoulaye Wade to win a third term as President in elections scheduled for Sunday. The outcome of this weekend’s events could have grave implications not only for that country, but also for the United States’ relationship with a key ally in the region. More background on the election crisis is here: and information about Senegal and its relationship to the US is here:

This online chat is the first offering of the AFAM Salon, an online chat series hosted by TCNJ’s African American Studies that will serve as a discussion forum about topical issues, scholarship and enduring questions related to Africa and its Diaspora.

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